Congratulations, You'll Never Make It


The age in which most of America believes you should have arrived.

Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Arrival? If I have learned anything in my short, mostly melodramatic lifetime, it is that 'arriving' is an elusive, tricky little cussword everyone seems to be aiming for. We spend our days punching the clock and climbing metaphorical ladders all for a little taste of what turns out to be an illusion, brought to you by the American Dream.

To be honest, I'm not sure I ever want to find it. 

Why? Arrival is like a silly crush you had in high school. At first, she appears to have it all. She is the one who catches everyone's attention at parties. She is way out of your league, but you insist on trying to make it happen. You score a few chances along the way to take things to the next level, but in the end she ends up going for someone with a bit more experience, much better hair, and a lot more money. 

Just like the typical outcome with your crush, you don't simply arrive and live happily ever after. There is always another standard to live up to or someone else you will have to impress. 

Arrival has a way of making you think you can achieve it. 

But you can't. 

And why would you want to? Frankly, if you ever think you've arrived, you've simply given up. You've likely settled for a mediocre outcome or a less exciting alternative. You have probably made an excuse to stay where you are because you are "happy" and things are "normal." Arrival is usually a justification; a belief you've given into that says you aren't worth more than what you can see.

Inevitably, when you arrive, you die. 

In order to avoid this, how about we make a declaration, eh? Let us vow to to one another that "arrival" isn't worth the defeat of settling into mediocrity nor is it worth the struggle of trying to measure up to someone else's opinion of who you should be.

May we remember that life is not about the outcome we settle into, but instead about the story we are writing along the way. 

Take the chance. Make the move. Play your hand. If it doesn't work, you didn't fail - you learned. And if does work, you have not arrived - you've overcome. You should be proud of that. 

Most people live their entire lives strapped to a standard they are trying to live up to...don't let that be you. 

Don't arrive. 

Move. Grow. Overcome. Help. Lead. Encourage. 

Go out and change the world, but don't you dare arrive.