This is my bi-weekly(ish) post about people doing cool stuff, resources I am enjoying, music I am into, or random stuff happening in my life. 

Here is this week's edition of #FourFridayFavorites...

  • If you're anything like me, you enjoy finding podcasts revolved around meaningful conversations. Well, I recently heard a conversation from The Liturgists Podcast about white privilege and racism in America. Heavy, yes...but incredibly insightful and powerful. You can get notes on the subject and listen HERE, or you can just download the podcast HERE. It's about an hour and a half, but I broke it up into 2 morning and 1 afternoon commute. It was worth every single minute.
  • It takes work for me to concentrate. I lose entire days about once-a-month due to my A.D.D and it is incredibly frustrating. However, I'm pulling out an old trick (that I honestly forgot about) and it's been helping me focus a little better the last couple of weeks. It's called Coffitivity and it's coffee shop noise for your work day. I work from home and coffee shops and co-working spaces and it's weird, but I enjoy (and need) noise to keep me focused. This does the trick. I usually play some tunes with it (here's my Summer Spotify playlist for you) and it's the perfect combination of noise to keep me focused and productive. 
  • Routines are good and I'm (slowly) learning to keep a routine in the mornings. BUT - I'm not doing it alone, because I'm reading this book called "What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast." It's incredibly helpful and includes insights into why we need routines and who we can look to for examples. S'good.
  • I don't know Branden Harvey personally, but I am a HUGE fan of his Snapchat, Instagram, podcast, and now his GOODNEWSLETTER. Seriously - every Tuesday he sends out a newsletter right to your inbox about F I V E inspiring stories from around the world. So if you're like me and your'e tireeedddddd of all the bad news everywhere, this newsletter is for you. Thank you, Branden. (PS: he also just did an episode of his podcast with my friend Eryn Erickson from So Worth Loving...DEFINITELY worth listening to!)

What are some cool things you are a part of, know about, or interested in right now? Comment with a link and I'll be sure to check it out.