This is my bi-weekly(ish) post about people doing cool stuff, resources I am enjoying, music I am into, or random stuff happening in my life. 

Here is this week's edition of #FourFridayFavorites...

  • There's a famous quote out there that says "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the type of world you want." I believe those words have never been more true than in our current society. That's why I'm SO PROUD of my friend Antwon Davis for launching Spendefy. It's a resource that allows you to search for black-owned businesses in your city so you can contribute to helping the black community succeed. Dope, right? 
  • Speaking of Antwon, he's a part of the panel for a small event I am hosting this upcoming Wednesday night, "Dinner with Millennials." It's exactly what it sounds like - a cross-generational conversation for Millennials and non-Millennials to better understand how to work alongside, connect with, and learn from one another. It's happening on Wednesday, August 24th at 7pm and I've got just a few spots left in you're a non-Millennial and interested in attending. Get all the info at dinnerwithmillennials.com. The Millennial panelists include Antwon, Brett Trapp (speaker, entrepreneur), Hannah Brencher (author, TED speaker), and Lane Sheats (financial analyst).
  • This is mainly for the dudes out there, but MAN am I obsessed with the only razor I'll ever use again, Harry's. Seriously - I started my subscription about 6 weeks ago and I love it. Blades are $1.87 each and they send them to you based on how often you shave. You can even get a FREE trial to see if you dig it or not. Well, head's up, I love it and if you don't want to just put any old blade on your face, you should use Harry's. Plus, their branding is on point, amirite?
  • I'm a young 20-something so that means I am also a Ben Rector fan (who isn't these days?). I've been a fan of his since around 2008, so it's cool to see his single 'Brand New' doing so well on the radio. Because of his current hit on the Billboard Top 100, he made a new video for the song by inviting (and paying for) 6 fans to join him at Six Flags in Dallas, Texas. Talk about a likable guy! If this video doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what will. Check it out HERE. BONUS: One of my FAVORITE bands, Knox Hamilton, releases their new video today...Publishing time for this article is too early, but I'll come back and edit once it goes live. You're welcome for this...