This is my bi-weekly(ish) post about people doing cool stuff, resources I am enjoying, music I am into, or random stuff happening in my life. 

Here is this week's edition of #FourFridayFavorites...

  • My friend Chad sent me a gift last week from one of my new favorite apps, MOMENT. It's super easy to use and takes saying "Thank you" to an entirely new level. Send a gift to someone using Moment today and I promise you won't regret it. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.
  • My friend Brett has been writing about what it's like to grow up in the Christian South as a gay person over at Blue Babies Pink. It's been SUCH a fascinating read and I couldn't be more proud of him and the work he is doing. He releases a portion of his story every Monday-Friday until November 3rd. If you start today, it may take you a few hours to get caught up with all 23 (as of Friday, Oct 7th at 8am) current episodes, but it's absolutely worth it. Shine on you crazy diamond.**
  • I started this thing called Dinner with Millennials and it's been so enlightening, engaging, and fun for me. It's a diverse dinner experience for cross-generational conversations between Millennials and non-Millennials about how to work with, learn from, and generally understand one another. The next one is November 1st and it will sell out. 15 total spots available and 4 tickets are already gone. I'd love to see you there!
  • I've had the privilege to visit Haiti 4 different times to encourage, work with, learn from, and love on folks from Port au Prince, Bohoc, and Kalapa. I love the nation of Haiti, their beautiful people, and the adventures I've been able to have there. I've had the privilege to lead 2 trips with 410 Bridge and STRONGLY believe in the work they're doing there. And if you've seen the news in the last week, you've seen that Haiti was hit HARD by Hurricane Matthew. 410 Bridge is in over 15 communities all over Haiti and employ dozens of Haitians in meaningful, life-giving work. If you're going to give to relief efforts, I recommend donating through them. I'll be doing the same and I'd love to have you join me. GIVE HERE.

What are some cool things you are a part of, know about, or interested in right now? Comment with a link and I'll be sure to check it out!

**Yes, this is the same Brett from Wednesday's post...he's just killing it right now so I thought he deserved more love.