This is my semi (ir)regular post about people doing cool stuff, resources I am enjoying, music I am into, or random stuff happening in my life. 

Here is this week's edition of #FourFridayFavorites...

  • I recently discovered this band Great Good Fine OK and I'm digging their song 'Get Away.' Their album came out in January but I found them a couple of weeks ago. If you like vibey pop then you'll dig this record. I'm a fan!
  • I have a fun job. Like a SUPER fun job. And I love the people I work with. BUT what I love the most is that I believe in the work we are doing. If this sounds special to you and you are looking for an internship this Summer, then look no further because Elevate Live Events has a summer internship program that just may the place for you. Check out this page to get all the info.
  • My friend Daniel has been vlogging this year and he is killing it! I recommend hitting the 'Subscribe' button on his channel, but I'm sure he'd also settle on having you check out one of his episodes. Here's my favorite episode from the last few weeks. Keep it up, Daniel!
  • I just started using Countable app and it. is. awesome. It's a fresh new approach to getting news and staying informed about politics. They post weekly updates about what Congress is voting on and you can control what types of articles appear in your feed based on your topic choices and who your representatives are. You can also contact your reps directly through the app. I highly recommend you check it out!

What are some cool things you are a part of, know about, or interested in right now? Comment with a link and I'll be sure to check it out!