More Than That

The punch line. 

The pivotal moment of every joke than can make or break the legendary one-liner about Gary Busey's gigantic teeth, Nickelback's terrible music, or Leonardo's not winning an Oscar (HE FINALLY DID IT!).

These moments allow us to connect with a group of strangers at the party or ease the nerves of the people watching you stand on a stage or make our best friends roll their eyes because they've heard us repeat the same joke a dozen times. The punch line can save us, break us, empower us or even help us make friends out of enemies. 

Words have power. They have the power to take us to mysterious, hysterical, and powerful places. They carry us to moments of joy and hope and value and truth. Words can mend a broken heart, break a burdened soul, or change the entire world. 

I love words. Just ask my fiancé...words of affirmation are sometimes my lifeblood (this is probably not a good thing) and they have an impeccable power to keep me going. 

And one of the reasons I love the Word of God so much is that its words uphold and create. The Word sustains and grows and releases and reminds. It empowers and gives and provides and loves. And 3 of my favorite words in the Bible are 3 seemingly standard, unimportant words. They are not the punch line of a joke or the monologue of an Oscar-winning scene.

But oh are they powerful. 

"Christ Jesus who died - more than that - who was raised, is at the right hand of God interceding for us." - Romans 8:34

Did you catch that? Don't miss it.

More than that. 

The miracle of Jesus isn't in the fact that he died; mortal man dies every day. The power of God exists in that he didn't just die; He was raised to life! If Jesus had stayed in the tomb, the lies and the judgment and the condemnation of the pharisees would have been proven correct. The hope and the life and the peace that Jesus promised would have been buried under the cross in shame and anger and fear. But because more than that happened, we get to experience, understand, and walk in the grace and hope and truth and life found in who Jesus is.   

And in the midst of political chaos, global fear, national debt, and personal turmoil, these words bring even more hope to a world that is scraping at the walls of its existence to find purpose in each day.

  • Are things scary? Yes. But there is an opportunity for more than that
  • Is the world a mess? Yes. But there is a promise for more than that
  • Is death real? Yes. But there is a God who offers more than that.

Because of the fact Jesus didn't just die, but more than that he was raised to life 3 days later means you and I have the opportunity to spend eternity with a God who loves us more than we have the ability to comprehend.

This, my friend, is good news.

More than fear: faith. More than doubt: certainty. More than slavery: freedom. 

More than death: LIFE.

Have questions about your faith or the opportunity written about in this post? Leave a comment and let's have a conversation. OR - have scripture that has impacted you lately? Share it! I'd love to see what you're learning.